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Type Battery Shape Model Max Size
Weight(g) Download Buy Online
Spiral Battery 1/2AAM ER14250 14.5 X 25.4 3.6 2 800 100 11 View PDF Buy Online
2/3AA ER14335M 14.5 X 33.5 3.6 2 1300 200 15 View PDF Buy Online
AA ER14505M 14.5 X 50.5 3.6 2 2200 400 19 View PDF Buy Online
2/3A ER17505M 17.0 X 50.5 3.6 2 2800 400 19 View PDF Buy Online
2/3A ER17335M 17.0 X 33.5 3.6 2 1200 80 21 View PDF Buy Now
A ER18505M 18.5 X 50.5 3.6 2 3500 1000 32 View PDF Buy Online
C ER26500M 26.2 X 50.0 3.6 2 6500 1500 55 View PDF Buy Online
D ER34615M 34.0 X 124.5 3.6 2 14500 2000 110 View PDF Buy Online

LiSOCl2 (lithium thionyl chloride) spiral batteries are a type of primary lithium battery that utilize a spiral-wound construction. These batteries are known for their high-energy density and long shelf life, making them a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

LiSOCl2 spiral batteries are often used in devices that require a reliable and long-lasting source of power, such as medical devices, portable electronics, and wireless communication systems. They offer a stable voltage output throughout their entire lifespan and have a wide temperature range, allowing them to operate effectively in various environments.

One of the key advantages of LiSOCl2 spiral batteries is their impressive energy density. They can store a significant amount of energy in a relatively small package, making them lightweight and space-efficient. This high energy density ensures that devices powered by these batteries can operate for extended periods before requiring replacement or recharging.

Overall, LiSOCl2 spiral batteries are reliable and versatile energy storage solutions. With their high energy density, long shelf life, and wide temperature range, they are suitable for a vast array of devices, making them a preferred choice for many industries and applications.

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