Elecorev manufactures lithium-ion batteries by preparing cathode and anode materials, assembling them with a separator and electrolyte, and stabilizing through formation processes. Alkaline batteries are produced by mixing manganese dioxide for the cathode and zinc powder for the anode, assembling in a steel can with potassium hydroxide electrolyte, and sealing. Lithium coin cells are created by coating lithium compounds on foils, assembling with an electrolyte and separator, and sealing in a coin-shaped casing. Elecorev’s main manufacturing operations are based in China.



Unrivaled Expertise

Batteries are a very critical but commonly unnoticed part of the product design. At Elecorev our engineers are the industry’s best and have expertise in battery design and solution, and their skills in project management, development, and manufacturing keep us above our competition. Above all our dedicated and précised testing and R & D facility provide them the platform to perform at their maximum and the highest levels.

Essential Collaboration

At Elecorev, We’re committed to providing reliable green and clean power for a large variety of applications. When you are ready to go for the market with your products and you are looking for a trustworthy partner to build a custom battery for your product, let our engineers bring the best quality product for you reducing the development risk. We are ready to meet your energy needs and demand. So go ahead and challenge your limits.

Our team has a strong reputation for strong partnerships with our customers and partners. By working directly with our customers they understand the needs and deliver the best work. And they are adhering to work for days, weeks, or months, roll up their sleeves, and work with your team to understand the situation and challenges, and design the best solution.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is the production control technique for eliminating the waste from manufacturing. The idea behind lean manufacturing is to avail superior quality products to the customers at significantly adequate prices. The basis of lean manufacturing are as follows:

Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Our products now provide a channel of choice in the market for some of the world's leading manufactures and The track record of Elecorev batteries exemplifies their reliability, making them the preferred choice in each technology.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures
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