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Alkaline Coin Cells

Coin EAL41 LR41 1.5V 7.9 3.6 1.0 View PDF Buy Online
Coin EAL43 LR43 1.5V 11.5 4.2 1.50 View PDF Buy Online
Coin EAL44 LR44 1.5V 11.5 5.4 2.0 View PDF Buy Online
Coin EAL54 LR54 1.5V 11.5 2.0 0.90 View PDF Buy Online
Coin EAL55 LR55 1.5V 11.5 3.0 1.10 View PDF Buy Online

Alkaline Coin Cells are small, round batteries widely used in various low-power devices due to their compact size, long shelf life, and reliable performance. These batteries, including models such as EAL41, EAL43, EAL44, EAL54, and EAL55, provide a stable 1.5V output. They are ideal for applications ranging from watches and calculators to small medical devices and remote controls. Each model varies slightly in dimensions and weight, making them suitable for specific uses like hearing aids, digital thermometers, and children’s toys. Their versatility and dependability make them essential components in everyday portable electronics. For more information or suppliers, you can search for terms like “alkaline coin cell batteries,” “button cell battery suppliers,” and “1.5V coin cell batteries.” Model-specific searches such as “EAL41 battery,” “LR41 equivalent battery,” and application-specific terms like “watch battery EAL41” will also yield detailed specifications and purchase options.

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