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Lithium-Ion Cells

Lithium thionyl chloride cells of the Elecorev brand are available in various cylindrical design and sizes from 1/2AA to D and can be used in a wide temperature range from -60°C to +85°C.

Lithium Ion Cells

High energy, high capacity, safe and reliable battery solutions for long lasting energy supply in modern security and automotive applications such as water meter, energy meter, gas meter, parking sensors, home security sensors, road toll, e-call systems which require a reliable energy source for optimum performance.

For all above applications we offer complete range of spiral and bobbin batteries. Considering the backup requirements of safety electronic data in the metering and security market, Elecorev Offers complete range of highly reliable primary lithium batteries.

Technical Specifications

Sr. No.

ModelCapacity (Mah)SizeMax Discharge Current(A)Charge-Discharge Voltage(V)ApplicationsDownload
Medical and portable
View PDF
2EL01515001C4.2-3.0View PDF
3EL01818001C4.2-3.0View PDF
4EL02020001C4.2-3.0View PDF
5EL02222001C4.2-3.0View PDF
6EL02626001C4.2-3.0View PDF
7EL03030001C4.2-3.0View PDF
8EH02222003C,5C4.2-3.0View PDF
9EH02525003C,5C4.2-3.0View PDF
10EH03030003C,5C4.2-3.0View PDF
LFP 3.2V Cylindrical
11ELF0151500226501C, 3C3.65-2.75Solar,
Telecom, Portable
View PDF
12ELF0202000266501C, 3C3.65-2.75View PDF
13ELF03030001C, 3C3.65-2.75View PDF
14ELF03333001C, 3C3.65-2.75View PDF
15ELF05050001C, 3C3.65-2.75View PDF

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