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Lithium-ion Battery Packs

Lithium thionyl chloride cells of the Elecorev brand are available in various cylindrical design and sizes from 1/2AA to D and can be used in a wide temperature range from -60°C to +85°C.

Lithium Ion Battery Packs

NMC or Li-Ion cells can be joined in series and parallel combination according to the required voltage and current. The customized battery packs are applicable in different applications such as solar and portable applications, solar lantern, electrical vehicles, medical equipment, and consumers electronics etc.
Battery packs can be customized as per the customer requirement and application and its capacity. Each battery is made with BMS for protection, cell holders, and thermal sheet for dissipating the heat.
At Elecorev, We offer more than 200 types of different battery packs from a voltage range of 3.7V to 96V and from 1.5Ah to 200Ah.

Technical Specifications

Sr. No.

CodeDescriptionCut-off CurrentPack TypeWeights(Gms)Download
1EE0371103.7V/1.1Ah1AhSoft50View PDF
2EE0372203.7V/2.2Ah1AhSoft60View PDF
3EE0372603.7V/2.6Ah2AhSoft60View PDF
4EE0742207.4V/2.2Ah2AhSoft120View PDF
5EE11152011.1V/5.2Ah3AhSoft/Hard360/510View PDF
6EE11178011.1V/7.8Ah3AhSoft/Hard540/690View PDF
7EE11110411.1V/10.4Ah3AhSoft/Hard720/870View PDF
8EE11119811.1V/19.8Ah5AhSoft/Hard1620/1920View PDF
9EE14822014.8V/2.2Ah2AhSoft/Hard240/390View PDF
10EE14888014.8V/8.8Ah4AhSoft/Hard960/1110View PDF
11EE14826414.8V/26.4Ah4AhSoft/Hard2880/3110View PDF
12EE25910425.9V/10.4Ah20AhSoft/Hard1680/1980View PDF
13EE37010437.0V/10.4Ah20AhSoft/Hard2400/2800View PDF
14EE48119448.1V/19.4Ah40AhSoft/Hard7020/7520View PDF
15EE48160248.1V/60.2Ah60AhSoft/Hard21840/22840View PDF

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