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LISOCL2 Spiral Battery

LISOCL2 Spiral Battery

High energy, high capacity, safe and reliable battery solutions for long lasting energy supply in modern security and automotive applications such as water meter, energy meter, gas meter, parking sensors, home security sensors, road toll, e-call systems which require a reliable energy source for optimum performance.

For all above applications we offer complete range of spiral and bobbin batteries. Considering the backup requirements of safety electronic data in the metering and security market, Elecorev Offers complete range of highly reliable primary lithium batteries.


Technical Specifications


ShapeModelIEC StandardNominal

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Alkaline Cylindrical Battery

EAL91LR031.5V10.544.511View PDFBuy Now
AAEAL92LR061.5V14.550.523View PDFBuy Now
CEAL93LR141.5V26.55065View PDFBuy Now
DEAL94LR201.5V34.261.5140View PDFBuy Now
23AEAL236LR611.5V10.328.57.50View PDFBuy Now
EAL9VLR231.5V48.545View PDFBuy Now

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