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Li-MnO2 Coin Cells

Elecorev LiMnO2 Coin cells are mainly used in small electronic devices, as a backup battery for motherboards, medical devices, watches and many more.

Li/Mno2 coin cells

Lithium batteries come in a variety of configurations, each with its own cathode, electrolyte, and separator. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. They have a wide range of applications due to their high voltage of 3 volts, high capacity, wide temperature range, and extended shelf life (due to low self-discharge).

Car keys, watches, medical devices, toys, LED lamps, and, of course, any type of memory backup are among the most common applications.

They are available in a number of sizes. The cells are either utilised in a battery holder or have pins welded to them.

Technical Specifications



Li/MnO2 Coin cells

CoinCR102510.02.5302.5View PDF
CoinCR121612.01.6301.60View PDF
CoinCR122012.52.0401.20View PDF
2.0751.25View PDF
CoinCR1632163.21351.80View PDF
CoinCR2016201.6851.70View PDF
CoinCR2025202.51652.40View PDF
CoinCR2032203.22402.90View PDF
CoinCR2330233.02653.00View PDF
CoinCR2354235.45305.90View PDF
CoinCR2430243.02803.00View PDF
CoinCR245024.55.06106.20View PDF
CoinCR247724.57.710008.70View PDF

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