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Remedies to Increase the Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

Remedies to Increase the Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

All batteries are going to be dead, But with lithium-ion batteries, you are doing investment which offers the ten times more life compared with traditional Lead acid batteries. you can get the extended battery life as long as possible to assure the highest return with your investment in the Lithium Batteries. There are few remedies which ensure you get the longlasting performance for your rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. The battery life and performance can be extended in three different ways:

1. Charge the Battery Properly
2. Battery Storage
3. Depth of Discharge

Charging Lithium-Ion Battery Properly

You are investing in a Lithium-Ion battery, which depicts you should charge it in the best way possible. Examine the charging of your lithium-ion batteries based on this criteria:

The most important benefit and feature of Lithium-Ion Battery is its rapid recharging. Normally 12V battery performance and life are increased by charging the battery with the proper voltage of 14.6V which is the best practice voltage for charging. Easily available in the market AGM Chargers can charge the battery with 14.4V to 14.8V which is acceptable.

Battery Storage

For any product, the most important impact on its performance and life span is proper storage. By Avoiding the extreme temperatures and storing it into the ambient temperature of 20 °C to 25 °C which is recommended. Storing batteries carelessly can lead to damage its parts and short battery life.

When lithium Ion batteries are not in use the storage should be in dry place and at the 50% DOD i.e. The amount of battery used should be used or should be approx 13V.

Don’t Ignore Depth Of Discharge

Before you charge your lithium-ion battery the capacity of the battery should be consumed. But it’s better if you use only 80% of the battery to eliminate deep Depth of discharge. By baring the DOD at 80% the life and performance of the battery are extending.